Throughout the implementation of your Beacon product, your Anthology team will assist you along each step of the journey. Your team of implementation consultants will help you as you make decisions about your data exchange process, understand technical requirements, configure your product to ensure it meets your goals, and deploy to end users. The implementation of your Beacon product will take place through engagement with Anthology Academy resources, completion of configuration tasks within your product, and live calls with your Data Strategy and Implementation Consultants.

Here are common topics and activities you can expect to complete during your implementation:

  • Determining your data strategy including building, validating, and automating your data exchange process
  • Configuring your Beacon product including site architecture, user management, and the early alert collection process.
  • Learning about options for administering in-tool assessments to collect user info and track resource usage.
  • Preparing to launch through the development of end user training and communication plans
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