The Beacon Home page is the landing page for non-Student users. 

On the left side of the page, users will see the Notations associated with their students and Notations they created. On the right side of the page, users will see a list of students they have permission to view.



Users can create a Notation directly from the Home page:




By default, the Notation activity is sorted newest to oldest, but can be reversed using the Sort menu.

In the Filters menu, users can choose to filter the stream by Notation Type, Category, Date, Assigned To, Created By, and Created For. When selecting the "Other" option(s), users will be prompted to type in the name of a specific user. 




By default, the list of Students is sorted by the number of Open Alerts in descending order. Using the Sort menu, users can choose to sort by Total Alerts or Last Name. 

If users would like to only see students they are following (those who are starred), they can select Following in the Filters menu. 

The total number of Open Alerts and Total Alerts display by default is for all time. If your campus provides academic term data, users will see another option in the Filter menu to display All Terms or Current Term data. 


Groups and Meetings

In the top menu bar, users can navigate to the Groups and Meetings pages.



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