This past January, we beta-tested a new dashboard for viewing student risk and asked for your feedback. We’re excited to say we received a lot of input and have used it to design our next release.

We are combining what you love about the current Beacon home page with the updated look and feel of the dashboard to bring you an improved page for viewing all your students and notations!

We are deactivating the beta dashboard. The new home page will include more options for filtering notations, the ability to sort students by open or total alerts, and will be mobile friendly, responsive, and accessible.

Here is a sneak peek of the new home page design (using test data):


During the Fall 2021 term, we will be launching the new home page for a small group of institutions to gather additional feedback. After that testing phase is complete, the Beacon home page will be rolled out to all campuses as a replacement for the current home page (called “Students”).

See the Beacon Home Page support page for current details.

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