User Management allows Administrators to change user roles and change students' Retention Status. When you import users into Core Data, they are brought over to Beacon as a student role. They must be manually changed to a different role. The only exception is that the Connections file will automatically elevate users to the Advisor role from that column.

Changing Roles

You can change a user's role in 3 ways:

1. Check the box next to user's name and click the Change Role icon. You may select as many users as you would like to change (e.g., changing 15 users from their current role to Generalists).



2. Use the kebab on the far right of each user row to change their role individually. 



3. Use the Select Multiple Users button to copy and paste a list of user ExternalIDs.



Retention Status

When students are imported, they will have a Retention Status of "Currently Enrolled". In order to keep your Beacon site reflective of your active students, you may want to archive students who are not enrolled in the current term. There are four Retention Statuses based on the characteristics of your students. 

Currently Enrolled - These are students who are enrolled in the current term.

Not Currently Enrolled - These are students who are not currently enrolled in the current term, but have not formally withdrawn. You may prefer to leave these students as Currently Enrolled, so they appear in filters and general searches, or you may prefer to change their role to Not Currently Enrolled to exclude them until they re-enroll.

Withdrawn - These are students who have officially left the institution indefinitely without completing a program. 

Completed - These are students who have completed their programmatic goal at the institution such as graduation or program completion.

Only Currently Enrolled students will appear in filters and general searches. By changing students' roles when they are no longer enrolled at your institution, your site will be more manageable for your users.


You are able to change Retention Status is the same ways as changing roles outlined above. Only Students and Peer Advisors have a Retention Status. If you select a user who is higher than a Peer Advisor role, they will be excluded from the action of changing Retention Status.

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