With the notation widget, you can collect alerts, updates, and/or encouragements from anyone on campus from any webpage (e.g., your LMS). Administrators can configure the widget and get the embed code under the Settings area of the toolbar.

1. Setup - customize your message to your campus here. This is a good place to guide campus users on the purpose of submitting alerts, updates, and encouragements, and how they should use each one. You are also able to adjust the size of the widget to fit well on whatever page you are embedding it.


2. Notation Type Select - choose which notation types will be available to each role. For example, you may want Updates to be available to all roles but only have Alerts available to Advisors and higher. If you don't want a notation type to be available to anyone, just uncheck it for all roles.


3. Alerts, Updates, Encouragements - Choose which fields are available for each type of widget to which roles. You may want higher roles to have access to all the fields while limiting fields to Anyone or Peer-Advisors. 


4. Finish - You will need to click the Finish button in order for your changes to save. 


5. Finish & Embed - Copy and paste the embed code in the HTML of a campus webpage.




  • If you make changes to the widget after it embedded, the changes will be reflected in the widget. You do not need to re-embed it. The exception to this is if you change the size of the widget in the first step.
  • If you are using the old version of the widget that cannot be customized, you will need to replace the embed code with the new embed code.
  • Currently, the rules set up in the widget ONLY apply to the widget and will not apply to the notation submission tool in Beacon or in the Faculty Experience.
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