The Graduate Student Inventory (GSI) seeks to reveal the non-cognitive state of students are enrolled as graduate students.  The GSI provides nationally compared factor scores for eight (8) non-cogntive factors. The GSI has been refined based on preliminary pilot data and is still in research phase.

Quick Facts About the GSI

  • 80 Items
  • Eight (8) non-cognitive factor areas
    • Scope of Involvement
    • Social Emotional Development
    • Wellness
    • Life Simplicity
    • Educational Commitment
    • Resourcefulness
    • Support System
    • Technology Proficiency
  • Developed with Logan University and Rowan University
  • Administered via website
  • Mobile-friendly

Factor Descriptions and Sample Items

Factor Description Sample Item
Scope of Involvement An individual’s level of involvement across the institution, the community & professional organizations related to the degree they are pursing. It is important for me to be involved at the school I'm attending.
Social Emotional Development A student’s ability to express their feelings and interact with others Other people consider me to be a calm person, even when I encounter difficulties
Wellness Health, self-worth, confidence During the past year, I have always been able to purchase the food I need to meet my nutritional needs.
Educational Commitment An individual’s dedication to college and the value placed upon a graduate degree I am certain this school/program was the right choice for me.
Life Simplicity The level of external support, resources, and strategies that the individual has to draw from Responsibilities at home sometimes interfere with my ability to focus on graduate work.
Resourcefulness The student’s ability to understand and pursue what is needed to be academically successful I have used campus resources to aid my degree completion and academic success.
Support System The level of support the individual perceives they have available to them while pursuing their education I feel supported on the campus.
Technology Proficiency A student’s level of comfort with educational technology I am comfortable learning new technologies.

Origin of the GSI

The original items for the GSI were generated by the product and data science teams at Anthology with professionals at Logan University and Rowan University. The original set of 80 items were deployed to 4 campuses who participated in a study during the fall semester of 2019.  After data collection was finished a regression analysis was used to identify the most impactful items, which reduced the item count to 72 items which are referable to eight (8) non-cognitive concepts. Further regression analysis needs to be done with additional respondents to further reduce the survey items. The eight removed items remain in the survey for further analysis but are not contributing to any factor scores at this time.

Administering the GSI

To administer the GSI follow the same procedure for administering the any assessment in Beacon.  To begin select "Create Administration" from the Administrations page.  Full set-up instructions can be found here.

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