Populating These Files
Importing These Files


Beacon allows for photographs to be uploaded for students, faculty, and staff. Campuses should upload a folder of images, and a Photographs file that links individual accounts to the file name (including the extension of their photo. Photographs can be automated but should not be automated every day due to the size of the image files. Choose a timeframe that makes sense for your institution.

Requirements for populating this file can be found in the Beacon Data Dictionary. 

Best Practices for Populating Photographs


The scope of this file should align with the scope of the Accounts file to include photographs of all individuals loaded into Beacon.

Data Relationships

To properly connect accounts to their images, the ExternalID should match the PersonIdentifiers defined in the Accounts file.

Term Logic

Term logic will typically align with the term logic of the Accounts file but account for the lower frequency of upload.

Suggested SIS Tables

Important Information About Importing These Files

Import Order

Photographs should be imported after Accounts, to ensure the relevant accounts are present in the system.


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