Populating These Files
Importing These Files


The Academic Records file includes midterm grades and attendance information. 

The data needed for this file may not be stored directly in the SIS if it is entered into a Learning Management System. Discuss policies and procedures around midterm grades and attendance to determine whether this data can be automatically extracted.

Please consult with the Anthology team prior to importing academic records, as certain configurations must be in place before you get started.  One such example is that your institution will need to be importing a number of Core Data files.  

If an Academic Records import is done it will overwrite values that have been assigned my the Instructor within the Faculty Experience.

Requirements for populating this file can be found in the Beacon Data Dictionary. 

Best Practices for Populating Academic Records


The scope of the Academic Records file should align with that of the Enrollment file to extract midterm grade and attendance data from all students enrolled in sections for a given term.

Data Relationships

The Academic Records file references two identifiers that are defined in other files: Course Section ID (the SectionIdentifier in the Sections file) and Student ID (the PersonIdentifier in the Accounts file). These identifiers must either be present on the midterm grade and attendance tables or be able to be mapped through another table or view to match the identifiers used in the Sections and Accounts files.

Term Logic

Term logic for the Academic Records file should be written to encompass the full length of the time in which attendance will be recorded for a given term. Although the upload of this file cannot be automated, adding term logic will allow you to at least automate the extract.

Suggested SIS Tables

Important Information About Importing These Files

Import Order

Academic Records should be imported after Enrollments, to ensure that the links between students and the sections they are taking exist in the system.

Record Updates

This file must be uploaded manually into Beacon. While the upload cannot be automated, the file can be automatically dropped on a daily basis to a shared folder or location to upload as needed.

This file can be imported by logging into Beacon, clicking on the Settings tab, and selecting Manage Academic Records under the Tools area.



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