Notation Management is where users with the role of Administrator can manage all notations in the system and take actions on groups of them.

Notations can be filtered on the left side of the screen by notation type, category, date, assigned to, created by, and created for. The filters will be reflected in the notations on the right.



Use the kebab on the right of the alert to manage them individually.


Use the check boxes to select alerts to manage en masse. If you use the "select all" check box, it will select all the applicable notations based on the filters. The list is infinite; it does not scroll. If there are no open alerts selected, you will not be given the option to lower alerts.


If you click Lower Alerts, you will be able to provide an Action and comment, which will apply to all the open alerts selected.


If you click the Lower Alert function, it will only lower open alerts. If there are other notation types selected (e.g., updates), the comment will not be applied to these.

You can also export Alerts and Updates to a CSV using the same filters.

Users with the role of Executive have access to this page, but they do not have the ability to bulk lower open alerts.

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