When creating an alert, you have the ability to assign it to a specific user for follow up. Only alerts created in Beacon can be assigned during alert creation; alerts created with Quick Alert or within the Faculty Experience cannot be assigned when the user is creating an alert though they can be assigned later within Beacon.

Assigning an Alert during Alert Creation

To assign an alert to a user, create a Notification and select "Alert". On the "Create Alert" pop-up screen, you will have an option to assign the alert. You can leave this blank, or type the name of the individual to which you would like to assign the alert. The field will begin to populate as you type. 

Alerts can be assigned to any individual in the student's success network or any Generalist, Executive, or Administrator.



Assigning an Alert Later or Re-assigning an Alert

Perhaps an alert was created through the Faculty Experience or Quick Alert and should be assigned, or you were assigned an alert you think should be assigned elsewhere. You are able to assign the alert to any user through the life of the alert. 


Isolating Alerts Assigned to You

There are two ways to easily see alerts assigned to you. In the navigation bar in the upper right of your screen and in your Success Stream.


You can also filter your Success Stream by alerts assigned to you.


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