Class attendance is often identified as being important for students’ persistence and results with absenteeism seen as increasing the risk of dropout (e.g. Credé et al. 2010; Moore et al. 2003). In Beacon, we've given you the ability to track student absences and set absence thresholds at the class or institution level. From there, you can create triggers when a student approaches or exceeds the threshold.

Track student absences

In the Faculty Experience, individual faculty can indicate Unexcused and Excused absences for each student in their course sections' rosters.



Upload student absences

Administrators can upload student absences for each course section by navigating to Settings>Manage Academic Record. Please note that your institution should be using Core Data imports before uploading absences. If you are unsure, contact


You can download a .csv template which indicates the format the file needs to be in for a successful upload. Currently, you will also need to provide a Check-In Grade in order to upload student absences.


Set an institutional absence threshold

Administrators can set a single institutional threshold for ALL classes if appropriate. This feature is helpful if individual faculty do not have class thresholds or if there is not an expectation for them to set these within the Faculty Experience. Please note that this setting will only populate for courses without a threshold set by individual faculty or via the absence threshold upload.

To set an institutional threshold, navigate to Settings > Manage Absences. From there you can set a simple threshold for all course sections.



Set absence threshold by class

In Faculty Experience - Individual faculty can add an absence threshold for each course section.FE_Absence_threshold.png


Absence Threshold Upload - Administrators can upload absence thresholds by individual course section by navigating to Setting>Manage Academic Record. On this page you are able to either set a Institutional threshold (as noted above) or Upload a threshold for each course section. You can download a selected term's course sections in a .csv file and add the absence threshold to column B. This file can then be uploaded using the Upload feature.mceclip0.png


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