Below are a list of updates we've made over the Summer.


  • Manage Academic Record and Success Network Connection original files are now available for download.
  • Notifications can now be deleted by the user who created it right after it's been created without a page refresh.
  • The default login page for administrators is now the Students Tab.
  • Institutions can now choose if they would like the students to report their ACT/SAT values when taking an administration.
    • If you'd like to remove the option for students to self report the ACT/SAT values contact support or your campus consultant to update your settings.
  • Unsubscribe links in emails sent from Beacon will now direct the user back to their email preferences so that they can be adjusted.
  • The absence trigger will now only trigger for active course sections.  
  • On the Student Report, the Grades & Absences Term dropdown defaults to current term.
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