Over the spring term we had the opportunity to speak with many of our users and we were inspired to make some updates before the fall semester begins to best support your campus wide efforts to promote student success. Read the highlights below and then head to our support site to get all the details.


Graduate Student Inventory

This past spring, we did research and worked with member institutions to create a brand-new assessment to help you better understand your graduate students. From September through November, all institutions using our Beacon product will be able to pilot this new assessment at no additional charge! Check out the Make sure to share this info (and email!) with others at your institution who work closely with graduate students that may be interested in administering this new assessment.  Contact your campus consultant—we'd love to help you get your administration set up.


Absence Thresholds

Administrators in Beacon can now set the maximum unexcused absence threshold. This update removes the need to have faculty log in and set this . Learn more about how this threshold is used in combination with our absence trigger.


Filter the Success Stream

The success stream, on the Students tab, contains a lot of important information about your students and now you can organize it. Log in and give it a try. There are so many combinations to filter by so you can filter to your heart’s content.

Are you Sending Automated Notations to Beacon using the API?

We’ve updated the technology we offer institutions to create automated notations in Beacon. In order to take advantage of the performance updates we’ll need your IT team to update the API endpoints that they are currently using.  Those can be found here.  . If you are not automating notations you are missing out! Contact your consultant to learn how this tool can help your student success efforts.


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