One of our themes within Beacon this year is to help you be as efficient as possible, so we are thrilled to share some new items that will help you better reach your goals. 


New Since Last Login Indicator 

You may have noticed we added a new red dot indicator to show you which notifications on your stream are new since the last time you logged in. This allows you to quickly see and prioritize notifications that may need your attention. 


Student Notifications 

All users with the ability to create an Alert or Update can currently share that notification with the student in question via a check box. Some institutions expressed interest in not making that checkbox available to their users. We’ve incorporated that feedback to provide a new institutional setting where you can choose if that checkbox is available or not.  

Discover more from the support article, then reach out to your campus consultant to discuss what option is best for you.  


Key Metrics Webinar 

Check out our webinar, Six Key Metrics for Promoting First Year Success. We’ll explore metrics beyond just basic demographics that your institution can track to take your efforts to the next level for maximum impact on first-year success. One topic we’ll discuss is non-cognitive factors, but you’ll have to listen to the webinar to learn the other five! 


Coming Soon! 

We are working to give you the ability to select certain students you would like to check up on. The new feature will allow advisors to “tag” students, adding them to a new “following” tab. This will be useful for following students that advisors recently met with, or those they don’t have open alerts for but would like to check up on later in the semester. 



Stay tuned for more info and keep up the great work, 

The Campus Labs Team 

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