Users have the ability to "Follow" individual student that they would like to keep a closer eye on.  Students are not notified that a user has selected to add them to their Following list.  Users will only be able to add students that they have access to, to their Following list.


Add/Remove a student from your following list

To add a student simply click on the star next to their name on the Students pane or the star on their Student Report under their email address.  After clicking the star it will turn yellow and you will now see that student in your Following list.


To remove the student from your Following list, click the yellow star again.  

View your following list

On the Students pane, click Filters. Select "Following" and click Apply. This will adjust the list of students so that only those who the user is following appear on the list.


Disconnections from a student

If a user is disconnected from a student that was part of their Following list, that student will be removed since that user no longer has access to that student.  If the user is reconnected to a student that was previously in their Follow list, that student will once again be a part of the users Following list.

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