Institutional Settings for Notifications

Student Notifications

Creator Option

By default creators of Alerts & Updates have the ability to choose if they want to share a notification with the student they are creating it for.  Students will not be notified about a notification unless the creator checks the box next to Allow student to view alert.

If the creator does allow the student to view the notification it will show up for the student in Beacon and the student will also receive an email notification.  By default students receive emails about notifications however they can change their settings within their Beacon profile to not receive emails.



Institution Option

Some institutions have decided that they do not want to ever notify students about notations that have been created.  If this is the case for your institution contact your consultant to update your institution settings.  When this setting is chosen when creating a notification a user will see a message that says the student will not be contacted.



Notification Email Setting

By default we show the full Alert or Update message when sending email notifications.  As an institution you can choose to conceal parts of that message within the email for additional security.  If you would like to change your institution settings to conceal messages in emails contact an Anthology consultant.

Normal email notification



With conceal setting on





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