To increase mail delivery rates through the varied spam-protection protocols in use by member campuses, Campus Labs works with a third-party email service called Mailgun. Mailgun provides tools that help our member campus email screening systems see these messages positively while providing redundancy and error handling for our development staff.

Since we’ve implemented Mailgun’s email deliverability service, many member campuses have not had to take any action to successfully receive mail from Beacon. However, from time-to-time, a member campus’ email screening system may be tuned more sensitively, necessitating campus IT to whitelist traffic from our email servers.

Whitelisting is the process of instructing an email screening system to trust all messages sent from a specific IP address and/or domain. Although common, whitelisting is a crude method to allow this traffic and should be avoided unless necessary, to align with anti-SPAM best practices.

If you have questions or would like to obtain our IP and domain information for whitelisting please contact our Support Team

Since every campus screening system is unique, we recommend that you test both system-generated and user-generated messaging from Beacon before initiating a whitelist request with your IT team; there’s a good chance you will not need to use whitelisting.

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