With Beacon now connected to Campus Labs Core Data many more demographic fields are now avalible. Over the summer we will be incrementally adding fields to the Student Report as well as offering additional options to filters for groups and reports. Below are some examples of the new fields that will be displayed on a Student Report as well as filters (where applicable).

Academics Tab

Demographics Tab

Enrollment Tab

General Information

  Profile Contact Pre-Enrollment Scores    
 Commuter Status  Athletic Programs  Address  Previous   Institutions  GMAT Score  Anticipated   Graduation Date  Card ID
 Concentrations  Date of Birth  Hometown  Pre-Entry   Programs  GRE Score  Career Level  Sis ID
 Degree Programs  Foreign National   Status  Housing Facility    LSAT Score  Institution Entry   Term  Student ID
 Degree Types  Gender  Preferred Email   Address    MCAT Score    Usernames
 Honors Programs    Telephone   Numbers        
 School of   Enrollment            


How do I know if my institution is alreadying using the Core Data import files?

Connect with your Campus Labs consulant and they will be able to let you know if you are already using the Core Data import files.

Does my institution need to make the transition from the current import files we are using to the Core Data import files?

Your institution can continue to import the Beacon User/Demographic file as you always have. If your institution would like to take advantage of the expanded set of demographic fields then a transition to Core Data would be nessesary. If you are intrested or have more questions about how to make that transition reach out to your Campus Labs consultant.

Does our institution have to display information for all of these fields?

Campus Labs will only display the information about a student that has been imported into our system. If there is information that your institution does not want to diplay on the Student Report leave that field blank on your import. Next to that field on the Student Report we will then display "(No Data Supplied)".

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