When considering your use of Beacon to support your student success efforts on campus, there are a number of conversations to be had, decisions to be made, and tasks to be completed. This summer checklist will provide you with our suggestions for what to keep in mind when preparing for the academic year over the summer.

On campus conversations, actions, and decisions:

  • Make sure Beacon is included in new student orientation and transition programming 
  • Schedule time with your institutional researcher to talk about any new findings they have about student success and retention 
  • Create a plan for entering grades (include faculty!) early alert grade triggers 

Data imports and automation:

Beacon Assessments - Student Strengths Inventory (SSI) and Continuing Student Assessment (CSA):

 Success Network and Notations:


  • Determine which Triggers you may wish to leverage connected to student Assessment responses
  • Create an Attendance Policy and create Attendance triggers 
  • Determine if you want to create triggers from your Custom Questions 


Professional Development and Training:

If you also have Baseline: 

  • Talk to your Assessment Consultant about your assessment plan and consider Triggers for key surveys throughout the academic year.

If you also have Engage: 

  • Consider how you are tracking involvement through event attendance. Engage allows you to track attendance manually, through card-swipes, or by mobile check-in. Talk to your consultant to confirm you are using the most efficient method of card-swiping available in your package.


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