Student success is a campus-wide effort, and as such, institutions deploy numerous initiatives across campus in an effort to best support students. However, campuses often struggle to determine which initiatives are having the greatest impact. At most institutions, initiatives intended to support student success fall into one of four frames: data and analytics, support and services, policies and procedures, or programs and engagement. While these efforts are intended to work in tandem, campuses often succumb to a compartmentalized approach when measuring their impact, making it difficult to know what’s actually working – or not working. Yet, when data and analytics is approached as an overarching frame - and not a stand-alone frame - it can actually inform efforts to best maximize the possibility for success. In this presentation, we explore the steps you can take to establish a data-driven, holistic view by leveraging the connections between student success on both an individual and campus-wide level.

The full webinar can be found on our Campus Intelligence website.

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