Student success is a campus-wide, multifaceted effort. Programs and interventions are put in place across campuses each year to support students on their path toward graduation. But how do you know if your efforts are working?

With success initiatives spread across departments and divisions, the student data associated with these efforts is often scattered and trapped in silos. As a result, it’s challenging to gauge the true impact of your approach—and even more importantly, how you might improve upon it.

In this presentation, our presenter will help you think creatively about existing and untapped campus data sets that provide valuable insight into the impact of your efforts. You can then harness that data to leverage the power of your data ecosystem to better inform and improve your practices. Also, you will learn how these insights can be shared with your campus community to better support efforts both inside and outside the classroom to positively impact student retention and success.


The full webinar can be found on our Campus Intelligence website.

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