Custom fields enable advisors, generalists, executives and administrators to see further information about students. Fields and their associated information can be viewed within the demographic tab of a student report in Beacon. Up to 50 custom fields can be created. If you are interested in creating custom fields, please notify an Anthology consultant. In order for your consultant to set up your custom fields, please supply them with the following pieces of information:

  • Header – The name of the column to be used in your Beacon import file. (this field cannot contain spaces)

  • Label – Name of the field to appear within each students’ Beacon profile. (Labels cannot exceed 30 characters.)

  • Field type – The following types of fields are accepted:
    • String – Can contain letters, numbers, and or symbols. (Strings fields cannot exceed 128 characters.) Max. of 20 fields can be added. 
    • Number - Used strictly for a numerical value. (Once past 15 characters the rest of the value will be truncated.) Max. of 5 fields can be added.
    • Boolean – Must be sent as True/False or Yes/No just like standard optional booleans. (T/F and Y/N will error.) Max. of 20 fields can be added. 
    • Date - Must follow the format 'mm/dd/yyyy'. Max. of 5 fields can be added.

Please Note:

  • Custom Fields must be imported as part of a Core Data Accounts file.
  • When importing this file blank fields will be ignored.  Once data has been supplied it can be overwritten using a new import but cannot be returned to the "(No Data Supplied)" state.
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