When the Faculty Experience for Beacon is enabled, faculty will be able to see their course roster and indicate a midtern check-in grade, provide absence information and create notations.  For Course Evaluations member campuses, this is also where data around each course section’s evaluation will be displayed. This tool is available by pointing your faculty to the following URL: http://{yourinstitution}.campuslabs.com/faculty

Faculty updating absences and check-in grades

Absences and check-in grades can be updated by faculty members or by an administrator via the Manage Academic Record import.  The most recent change to a student's absences or grade will be what is displayed on the roster page as well as the student's report page. For a Faculty member to update these fields they can:

  1. Logging in to the Institutions Faculty Experience, each faculty member will see each course section they are enrolled to teach.
  2. To update students’ absences or check-in grades click “View Course Roster” for the section that the student is enrolled in.roster.png
  3. The faculty member is then able to set “Maximum Unexcused Absences”.
    • If an administrator has set an attendance trigger as a student approaches the unexcused absence threshold an alert will be sent to the chosen audience in Beacon notifying them that the student is missing class and providing them with information to follow-up with that student.


  4. "Unexcused and Excused Absences" can then be set per student.
    • When a student has reached the maximum number of unexcused absences their row in the roster will turn yellow.
    • When a student is over the maximum number of unexcused absences their row will turn red.
  5. "Check-in Grade" can be set on the roster page as well.
    • Midterm check-in grades display on a student's report page within Beacon.  Triggers can also be set up to create notifications if a student has received a certain grade.


Faculty Creation of Notations

Faculty have two different places where they can create Notations (Alerts, Encouragements, Updates) for their students.

  1. A faculty member can either click on the "Success Notification" button on the home page or on the "View Roster" button for a specific section.
    • Success Notification
      • Here a faculty member will be able to see all of the most recent notifications they have created and create a new notation.
      • When creating a notification they will be able to search for any student who is in a current section they are teaching.ss.png
    • View Roster
      • Here a faculty member can click on "New Notification" and will be able to search for and create a notification for any student who was enrolled in that specific section.rss.png
  2. Choose the Notification Type
  3. Fill in the required fields and click Save.


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