Enabling Faculty Experience through Beacon

When the Faculty Experience for Beacon is enabled, faculty will be able to see their course roster and indicate projected grade, class attendance and provided additional feedback to the student’s Success Network within each of their course sections. For Course Evaluations member campuses, this is also where data around each course section’s evaluation will be displayed. This tool is available by pointing your faculty to the following URL: http://{campus}.campuslabs.com/faculty

1. After logging in to the above URL, each faculty member will see each course section they teach:

2. To update students’ attendance, grades, or to send out a notification to the Student Success Network, click “View Course Roster”.

3. For each course that a faculty member instructs they are able to set their “Maximum Unexcused Absences”. As a student approaches the unexcused absence threshold an alert will be sent to their advisor in Beacon notifying them that the student is missing class and providing them with the information to follow-up with that student. Click here to see how to setup automated attendance and grade alerts in Beacon.

4. Once you set your “Maximum Unexcused Absences” threshold, you are now able to update a student’s “Grades” and “Unexcused Absences”. For grade updates, use the drop down menu and select the appropriate option. For attendance, type in a number or use the directional arrows to select the number for both “unexcused” and “excused”. All grade or attendance additions will automatically save. If a student has a concerning grade or absence amount an automatic alert will be raised in Beacon and sent to the student’s Success Network.

5. Professional members of a student's Success Network will be able to see any updates to a student's course schedule on the student report page.  These updates will allow professional members to see which courses the student is currently enrolled in, withdrew or dropped:  

Sending an Alert, Update, or Encouragement to a Student and/or Staff Member from the Faculty Experience Portal

1. Log into the Faculty Experience page at http://{campus}.campuslabs.com/faculty

2. Each of the faculty member’s course sections will then appear inside of the Faculty Experience Portal.

3. To send an alert, update, or encouragement to a student and/or staff member from the Faculty Experience Portal, click “View Course Roster” button for the course section you’d like to create a notification for.

4. Then click “New Notification”.

5. Choose the “Notification Type,” which includes “Update,” “Alert,” and “Encouragement”.

6. Type in the “Student’s Name,” which will auto-populate as you start to type.

7. Choose the “Audience” who can view this notification. The options include “Specific Network Members” (a specific staff member(s)), “Professional Staff” (all professional staff that work with the student), or “Full Network” (all professional staff that work with the student and supplemental instruction staff). After selecting “Audience”, decide whether or not to check the option to “Allow the Student to View” the notification.

8. Then select the appropriate category for the alert, such as “academic, medical, family issues/responsibilities,” etc.

9. Add your message content in the “Description” field and click “Save”.

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