The following updates were made to the Beacon system on 6/8/2015


New Additions

Notation Creation Clarity

We've improved the notation creation experience in all locations, making it easier for users to create the type of notation that is appropriate for their concern.  This reduces the number of errant alerts or updates that are created by advisors and faculty.


Additional API Endpoints

We're in the process of adding additional API endpoints to allow for greater flexibility in the incorporation of Beacon into the application ecosystem on your campus.  Our developers are finalizing documentation for the endpoints and we will update you when it is available.

Maintenance Updates

  • Based on feedback we expanded the number of possible notation categories from 10 to 20
  • Based on feedback we removed the Success Threshold configuration settings and filters
  • Ensured that names are appropriately case-sensitive based on imported data
  • Added SAT & ACT subject scores to pre-enrollment data display
  • Performance improvements
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