The following updates were added to your Beacon system on: 12/15/14

New Additions

File uploads to student records

We've added a feature that allows success network members to upload files to a student's record.  This feature enables sharing of documents between campus professionals.  File uploads are limited to 15MB per file and 120GB per institution (additional institution storage may be added to the license for a fee) .  Administrators may also create a sensitive data policy to be agreed to by users of the system before uploading files.



This feature is enabled by creating a Sensitive Data Policy entry in the Default System Messages section of the Settings menu.

Expanded visit reasons

In response to feedback about the Locations feature set we've expanded the number of visit reasons that can be created and used form ten (10) per campus to ten (10) per location.


Notation category API endpoint

An update to the Notation API enables programmatic management of notation categories, making it easier for developers to appropriately create and read notation information from Beacon.


Maintenance Updates

  • Clarified the use of "Incoming GPA" vs. "High School GPA"
    • "H.S. GPA" will be used as the term in the collection of self-reported demographic data if used
    • "Incoming GPA" will be used in the display on student's records and in filtering options
    • The "Incoming GPA" filter options have been extended to 0-8 points
  • Blocked the ability for mailing group administration invitations to be sent if the administration contains an error during the building process that would not allow a student to participate in the collection.
  • Ensured that the Quick Update mobile phone icon would display properly on iOS 8+ devices.
  • Bolstered user account troubleshooting tools
  • Cleaned up LDAP login page
  • Performance improvements


Data file changes

Beacon takes advantage of a User Account import process that enables it to sync with other campuses systems to hold data points about students.  From time-to-time we may add new fields or acceptable values for fields to this file. The following has recently been changed.

  • Verified that data loaded into email fields must fit the following format:
    • Final domain extension must be fewer than three (3) characters in length or contain one of the following:






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