The following updates were added to your Beacon system on: 9/11/14

New Additions

Response-based recommendations

We’ve added a new level of recommendation configuration that enables you to provide specific advice to students based on how they responded to particular items in either the SSI or CSA. 


Notation 2-way API

A powerful tool that allows campus IT professionals to take advantage of Beacon’s data and notification system in a myriad of ways. The new Application Programming Interface (API) provides a mechanism to transfer data to/from Beacon for reporting, documentation, notification, and analysis. Send your tech team to for technical documentation.

This functionality can be used to integrate MANY systems on campus to create updates, alerts, or data insights in Beacon.  For example, creation of an Alert if a student did not turn in their FAFSA before the deadline.


Last date of attendance entry

A new tool that enables the documentation of a student’s last date of attendance for each enrolled course when using our faculty portal option; which is mandated under some federal and state provisions.  



Updates from earlier this summer

We made several updates earlier this summer that were released in stages and are now fully available to all campuses.

Campus-specified user account data fields

As a mechanism to increase system interoperability we've added a limited number of extensible data fields that can be appended to a user's record.  These fields allow for more control over group creation and filtering. As an example Louisiana State University has add the field "Residence Hall" to their user records which allows groups to be created based on where the student lives on campus.  For more about these fields an how they may be useful to your context please speak with your campus consultant for advice.

Co-curricular data counts

Co-curricular data details have always been accessible through Beacon when CollegiateLink is being used on campus.  We've added additional counts of involvement in order to make it easy to see how involved a student is at-a-glance.


New group creation process

To take advantage of screen real-estate we've moved the full set of data filters available to create groups to the "Groups" tab on the "Students" page for staff.


Added screen space allows for a better filtering experience:




Maintenance Updates

  • Addressed an issue where an error was not successfully created when the "Academics Upload" did not contain an ExternalID for a student. This issue created the scenario that the administrative user was unsure if their upload worked or not.
  • Corrected an issue that created an error when accented characters were used in the creation of a mailing group invitation.
  • Added better error reporting for campus-specified field import issues.
  • Freshened "Locations" user experience to coordinate with other Campus Labs applications.
  • Resolved an issue which sent daily digest messages at a different time than what was set in the configuration of the application.
  • Added markup to ensure that required fields throughout the application were more verbose for users using screen-reader devices.
  • Added protection from sending administration invitations out when there is an error that would prevent a user from participating in the administration.
  • Performance improvements


Data file changes

Beacon takes advantage of a User Account import process that enables it to sync with other campuses systems to hold data points about students.  From time-to-time we may add new fields or acceptable values for fields to this file. The following has recently been changed.

  • Added "nonresident alien" value to "ethnicity" field
  • Added "two or more races" value to "race" field
  • Changed validation on "SAT writing" field from "2-12" to "0-800"
  • Changed "incoming gpa" validation range from "0-6" to "0-8"
  • Added state abbreviations for the following US protectorates in all address fields:
    • Puerto Rico
    • Guam
    • American Samoa
    • Marshall Islands
    • Virgin Islands
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