The following updates were added to your Beacon system on: 2/21/14

New Additions

Re-designed Advisor view of Student Profile

Since Beacon's inception the amount of data that can be obtained by reviewing the advisor view of a student profile has been steadily rising which had the effect of burying some of the most important parts of the profile page "below the fold." We have re-designed the advisor view to more logically organize the available data and highlight the action-oriented areas of the page.


Traditional Early Grade Alerting

College-level academic indicators are important in understanding student progress.  We added the ability to create triggers based on grade reports that can be used to generate automatic alerts or data insights based on your campus logic.  This feature helps all members of a student's success network, including the student, be informed about grades that may inform success.

Lower a Data Insight Alert in Bulk

Alerts based on data often lose their relevancy after a period of time.  For instance an alert created in the 3rd week of the first semester of a student's career may lose it's relevancy in the second semester if the student has completed the class successfully.  We've added a mechanism in which an administrator can lower alerts based on data in bulk, clearing the way for more timely alerts to be highlighted.


Maintenance Updates

  • Performance improvements
  • Added alternate grade codes such as "P" and "FX" to the grade selection dropdown in the faculty experience
  • Modified the SAT Writing data field to accept proper score range
  • Corrected an issue with the Alerts by Advisor export
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