The following updates were added to your Beacon system on: 1/24/14

New Additions

Location Tracking

For campuses who take advantage of the "Office Workflow" license location tracking is now available.  This set of tools allows you to setup up to ten (10) locations in order to track check-ins and departures of students who engage your program/service offering.  The check-in data is then recorded on a student's record in Beacon and is made available in a host of reports. Read more about this set of tools in our Location Tracking Quick Start Guide.

This tool set requires activation by your Campus Labs consultant.

Continuing Student Assessment

After a pilot and beta period the Continuing Student Assessment (CSA) is now available in Beacon.  The CSA is designed to capture the non-cognitive state of non first-year students at your institution.  The CSA provides 6 non-cognitive factor scores for each respondent which is represented on the student profile page.  Please read our Continuing Student Assessment brief for more information about this instrument.

Automated Connection and Disconnection of Success Network Members

To make it easier than ever to connect or disconnect staff to/from students we've added the ability to associate success network members to students via a file drop process that in effect, removes repeated manual intervention to adjust network connections.  Please read our Connect Students to Success Network Members article for more information on how to setup this procedure.

This tool set requires activation by your Campus Labs consultant.

Additional User Account Data Fields

In an effort to continue to continue to illuminate relevant and timely student success data to success network members we've added some new data fields that can be populated for users of the system which enables the data to be visible and filterable.  These include:

  •  High School
  • Campus
  • Immigration Description
  • Military Status
  • Academic Standing
  • Pell Grant Eligibility
  • Current Term Credit Load
  • Cumulative Credits Attempted

For more information on the user account fields that Beacon can accept and display please view our Student Account Fields F.A.Q.


Maintenance Updates

  • Performance improvements
  • Enabled rich-text in recommendation statements
  • Corrected a validation issue in unique alert creation scenario
  • Added an "On behalf of" header field to emails that are sent via the site to enable better "reply" routing
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