The following updates were made to the Beacon system on 10/16/13

New Additions

Profile Pictures

Users can now upload a photo of themselves so that other users can recognize them in the system.  This helps identification of students or staff as well as adding a personality to the system.

Maintenance Updates

  • Performance improvements
  • Added Update/Alert posting privileges for all students to Executive role
  • Made attendance emails more personal
  • Changed student profile URL to more human-friendly convention
  • Added filter for students who do not have non-cognitive scores
  • Added demographics collection selection a part of administration setup
  • Corrected standardized test scoring concurrence issue
  • Enabled digest email for imported users
  • Added capacity for large digest emails
  • Created additional internal user management tools
  • Adjusted default email preference selections for imported users
  • Internet Explorer tweaks
  • Removed Index scores from administration details page to increase performance
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