The following updates were made to the Beacon system on 8/16/13

New Additions

Notation Reporting

As success network members create updates and alerts about students stay on top of trending categories and active contributors to Beacon through notation visualization and reporting tools. 

Additional Academic Data Revealed

Professional staff now have greater access to the academic performance and classification information about students. Making it easier to have academic-oriented conversations.

Meeting Scheduling

Allowing students to easily schedule meetings with staff online through Beacon, eliminating tedious back-and-forth email trading.  Professionals can establish office hours that are displayed and available for meeting requests.  Students are reminded about their meeting times and can add the meeting to their preferred calendar.

* This feature requires the Workflow module license which adds office management tools to Beacon

Maintenance Updates

  • Performance improvements
  • Firefox browser enhancements
  • Removed Alert counts for campuses not using alerts
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