The following updates to the Beacon system were made on 6/26/13


Message Group Members in Bulk

Advisors can now communicate information about campus activities, policies, or reminders to students within groups with just a few quick clicks.  This capability allows advisors to get information directly to students who may need their assistance.  The system also stores these messages on the profile page of the student creating a documentation of the outreach.

Track Message Opens

When a student opens a message that is sent through the bulk messaging function the open is tracked inside of the system which enables administrators the ability to visually identify students who may not be paying attention to messages from staff.

** This functionality requires that the recipient's email client downloads a small, invisible image file.

Mass Disconnect

Administrators can now disconnect all current advisor-student connections with one button.  This speeds the process of managing massive connections.

Anyone Can Update/Alert Option

Administrators can now allow any member of the campus community permission to generate an update or alert about any student.  This option removes the requirement that documentation can only be written by a member of a student's success network.

** This feature requires activation by Campus Labs staff. 


Mobile-Friendly Quick Update Experience

Users are now greeted by a more-friendly quick update process on a mobile device that includes an invitation to create a home screen icon for the web application.  The quick update feature can be accessed at https://{campus_domain} 


Maintenance Updates

  • Fixed an issue regarding preferred first name display
  • Cleaned up quick update styles
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