The following updates to the Beacon system were made on 6/7/13

Happy Birthday Beacon!


Redesigned Work Space

Advisors and administrators now have a new work space to review their student populations and focus on students who need attention.  Students are prioritized by their alert level and the student search is now faster and more efficient.  

Filter Students

Advisors and administrators can filter their students based on non-cognitive and academic information, making it easier to explore student who may be in need of support.

Create Groups

Advisors and administrators can now create groups based on dynamic information filters, making it easy to keep track of special populations and students of concern.

Administration Completion Re-Direct

Administrators can now assign a URL that students will be re-directed to when they complete their administration.  This enables the Beacon assessment to be incorporated into a multi-step process online.


Notation Categories

Administrators can now identify up to 10 categories for use by advisors when generating updates or alerts.  These categories allow advisors to add addtional context to the notation.


Maintenance Updates

  • Redesigned success streams
  • Cleaned up PASTE formatting issues during content creation
  • Increased efficiency of data uploading
  • New iconography
  • Ensured email delivery scenarios
  • Adjusted Quick Alert user interface for mobile
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