The following updates to the Beacon system were made on 1/10/13

Alerts Indicator

Administrators and advisors can now quickly navigate to students who are assigned to them with open alerts via a small indicator near the search bar.  This navigation device allows users to focus their work and attention to those students with the most pressing needs.

Notification Feed

On the "Students" page, administrators and advisors now have the ability to see a chronological feed of updates, alerts, and data insights about their students. This notification feed allows users to keep up-to-date on their students at a glance and prioritizes information in a chronological way.

Data Insight Counts

Administrators and executives can now access a list of students who have received a data insight via the "Settings" section of the site.  This allows administrators and executive visibility into common scenarios that are affecting the student population.\

Maintenance Updates

  • Grids that list students have been updated to be more responsive to mobile devices
  • Additional grade options have been added to the faculty academic record report page
  • Administrators can now toggle between all students and the list of students that they are connected to on the "Students" page
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