The following updates to the Beacon system were made on 12/6/12

System Update Email

Administrators are now able to elect to receive a daily system update email which will keep you up-to-date on the usage of Beacon based on the number of updates, alerts, and data insights that have been created in the past 24 hours.  

Administrator Email Settings

A new setting has been added for administrators which allows all updates and alerts that are created in the system to be sent directly and immediately to primary administrators.  This allows administrators to keep track of all activity in the system as it happens.

Editing connections

Administrators can now remove all connected students from a success network member in bulk.  This gives administrators the ability to quickly adjust success networks based on staffing changes or reassignments.

Delete Administration

Administrators can now completely delete an administration from the system.  This allows for out-of-date or pilot administrations to be removed from the user interface, making it easier to navigate.  Administration deletion removes all responses

Maintenance Updates

  • Updated the visual style of LDAP authentication screen
  • Included a count of data insights to the daily digest email
  • Corrected a navigation issue within the BlackBoard building block
  • Improved visual animations for quicker responses
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