The following updates to the Beacon system were made on 10/3/12

New Additions

Integrated Involvement Record

Campus using the CollegiateLink co-curricular management system will now see the involvement record of a student in their Beacon profile page.  This allows success network members the ability to learn more about a student's out-of-classroom experiences.

Easily Embed Quick Alert in Other Websites/Systems

A new settings menu has been added which allows an administrator to configure and grab the HTML code to embed the quick alert form into other websites and systems that allow i-frames.  This creates the ability to allow Success Network members to interact with the centralized notation of their students from a variety of sources and locations.

Success Network Connections through UI

Administrators can now connect staff and peer leaders to students directly through the user interface on the student's profile page and via the Manage Connections section of Settings.  This makes it easy to directly assign a connection relationship to students and staff.

Include Report Link in Thank You Message

Administrators may now provide a link directly to the student's report on the Thank You message of the administration.  This allows students the ability to navigate directly to their results an recommendations.


 Maintenance Updates

  • Improved the design of mailing group emails
  • Added comments to the student view of Updates and Alerts
  • Corrected an error on Advisor Connection page preventing full view of data
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