The following updates to the Beacon system were made on 9/18/12

Many of these updates are related to features released on 8/31/12.

New Additions

Quick Update/Alert

Success Network members can now create an update or alert from a web form from outside of the normal user interface of the system.  This feature allows the Success Network to add information to the a student’s profile from mobile devices and other campus applications like Learning Management Systems.

Comments on Updates and Alerts

Success Network members can now add comments to updates and alerts from the student profile.  This allows network members the ability to document conversations and interventions around a specific update or alert topic.

Custom Question Responses on Student Profile

Responses to the additional questions that are added to the end of administrations can provide additional information into the student’s intentions, motivations, or predispositions.  Advisors can now view these responses directly from the student profile page.

Global Student Search

All users of the system that have students connected to them can now quickly search for a specific student from any page of the site using their first name, last name, or unique identifier.  This search function makes it easy to jump between students before meetings.


 Maintenance Updates

  • Beacon is now aware of the time zone of the campus
  • Usability updates for IE8 browsers (as always, we recommend updating to the latest version of your preferred browser)
  • Fixed an issue where special characters in the administration title prohibited the report to be downloaded
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