The following updates will be made to the Beacon system on 7/26/12.

New Additions

Peer Advisors

Student leaders and support staff can now be added as an advisor in Beacon without the worry of revealing demographic, academic, or risk probability information.  This way, peers can be enrolled with each other about success and you can enroll your student leaders in a coordinated advising approach.

Reminder Emails

Students in a mailing group can now be reminded to fill out their assessments via a simple few clicks.  Administrators can also schedule reminder emails to be sent in the future, making it easy to coordinate a collection schedule.

Manage Connections

Along with a bulk option for adding Peer Advisors, administrators can now see a list of unassigned students in the Advisor/Advisee area of Settings.  Once focused on a single student administrators can adjust their advising assignments.

Maintenance Updates

  • Changed "Advisor Network" to "Success Network" on advisor and student views
  • Added a log out link to collection
  • Adjusted Executive role behavior
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