New Additions

User Profile Editing

Students and advisors can now edit their profile information from inside the system.  This allows for a more customized experience.

Advisor Network

Students and advisors are now able to see the advisors that are connected to them on their report page, making it easy to connect to those who are interested in their success.  

Validity Warnings

Administrators and advisors now see visual indications when unanswered questions on an assessment affect the statistical validity of a student's report at the factor score and risk index levels.

Administration Results History

Students and advisors are now able to see their factor scores and risk indexes (advisors only) from past administrations.  This provides additional ways for advisors and students to monitor success over time.

Maintenance Updates

  • Changed the navigation bar style
  • Added description to roles during assignment
  • Added factor scores to administration export
  • Changed column order in administration export
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