The following updates to the Beacon system were made on 6/27/12:

New Additions

Mailing groups

In addition to the generic link that is provided for each administration, administrators can now sub-divided their students into groups and send direct messages via email to invite them to respond to the administration.  Students who respond to the invitation are tracked, providing a mechanism for understanding the response rate of the administration.

Administration QR code

quick response (QR) code for the generic administration link has been added, making it easy to publish printed materials that can provide a fast way for students to complete the instrument on a mobile device.

Bulk advisor connections

Connecting advisors to students is now possible through the Advisor/Advisee Connections section of Settings, which allows advisors to only see students who have been connected to them.

Role assignment

Users of the system can now be given an additional level of permission through the Users and Roles area of the Settings section.  This allows administrators to identify their advisors, and control who has access to which areas of the site.

Administration export

Retention and Academic Success risk indicies can now be downloaded into a .csv file alongside basic demographic and collection information about a student.

Maintenance Updates

  • Fixed a default message display issue in collection screens
  • Made the navigation bar page selection more pronounced
  • Changed "Gender" to "Sex" on demographic collection & reporting
  • Added timezone support
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