What: Updating Your Recommendation Statements

Why: To give specific advice about additional resources, campus departments, and actions students can take based on their results.  Consider being as detailed as possible and giving campus websites, contact information, and names to assist students.

Who on your campus can create this: Administrators

Who at Campus Labs can help with this: Support Team (Contact us through our web form) and your Consultant

When should this be set up: This should be done at the beginning of the semester

Where is this located: Settings > Recommendations

How to update general Student Recommendations:

1)      Log into Beacon

2)      Click on Settings

3)      Select Recommendations

4)      Select the Assessment and Factor that you would like to add a Recommendation for

5.)     Click on Recommendation to add a general recommendation for your site.


How to add Response-Based Recommendation:

1.) Select "+ Recommendation" under Response-Based Recommendations

2.) Filter by Factor and then Select the question that needs a recommendation.

3.) Select the Response(s) you would like to add recommendations for.

4.) Write your recommendation in the "Recommendation" section and hit "Save".

5.) Add any other recommendations as needed 

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