A user account is the core set of information that Campus Labs identifies and organizes data about a user.  This information is used throughout Campus Labs to personalize the user experience as well as provide useful data for cross-tabulation and reporting.  User account imports are used to add/update information about current users or to create information about new users.

Demographic, directory, and academic information can be applied to a user account through periodic or regular imports.  This allows Campus Labs to be synchronized with your other campus data systems.  While importing user account information is valuable to the experience and usefulness of Campus Labs, it is not required for use of all functions.

User account data must be imported either through an established automated process or by support staff.  The preparation of the import file is similar in both processes; however the delivery of the file may differ.

Support staff method

For periodic (biannually) or irregular (randomly) imports support staff can handle the import process while also checking for any formatting errors.  To submit a file to be imported, simply contact us (through our web form) for instructions on providing the file in accordance with your campus security protocol. The template for imports as well as the specifications for each column can be found here

Automated method

For regular imports, we require an sFTP directory watch configuration which allows systems on your campus the ability to “drop” a file into a specific folder along with a manifest file at regular intervals, once the files arrive Campus Labs automatically processes the import.

For more information about this process please review our article on Using FTP to Load Bulk Data into Beacon

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