The Sensitive Data Policy Statement allows administrators to expose users of the File Upload feature to any campus-specific policy about the storage of sensitive data such as social security numbers or other restricted content.  To add your campus' statement:

1. Login to Beacon as an Administrator

2. Navigate to Default System Messages under the Settings menu

3. Construct your statement under File Uploads

  • Your statement may include links to other campus websites for more information.

Users will be REQUIRED to acknowledge your sensitive data prior to using the file upload feature and will be required to re-acknowledge the statement every 6 months before continued use of the feature.

Why is a sensitive data policy statement important?

Student information privacy and security is an important responsibility of higher education professionals who handle student data.  Because of the ease of digital file duplication, storage, and transmission sensitive data can easily distributed, sometimes so easily that people don't realize that they may be neglecting their duties as a caretaker of the sensitive data.

The sensitive data policy statement in Beacon is meant as a mechanism to remind staff about their role as stewards of student data.

Data that is uploaded to Beacon remains the sole property of the campus and is stored in layers of security.  However, best practices in data security and privacy advise that if a sensitive data point (ex. social security number) can be excluded from storage in a digital system, then it should be excluded.

How do I construct our policy statement?

Many colleges and universities have published statements on data privacy and security procedures and policies.  Check with your IT department to find out if such statements already exist on your campus. We also recommend working with your campus legal/privacy team.


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