To add a file to a student's record and share it with others use the following steps:

1. Login to Beacon and navigate to the student

2. Select the Files tab on the main section of the student's page

3. Review the Uploading Sensitive Data statement, check I understand, and click Start Uploading


4. Click Upload File to select the file that you would like to add to the student's record


5. Select the file from your computer (max file size: 15MB)

6. The site will provide a progress bar as the file uploads

7. The file will be defaulted to Private, meaning that only you may download the file.  To change the audience setting click the Settings icon (gear)


8. Change the Audience and Name if desired


The overall file upload size limit per campus is 120GB. Additional storage may be added to the Beacon license at an additional cost.

Audience Options

Private (self)

Only you and full Administrators will have access to download the file

Specific Network Members

Only you and the specific people you choose in the student's current success network will have access to download the file

Professional Staff

Only you and current member's of the student's success network that hold the role of Advisor or higher in Beacon will have access to download the file

Full Network (Professionals and Peers)

Everyone who is connected to the student's success network will have access to download the file


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