Please consult with the Anthology team prior to importing academic records, as certain configurations must be in place before you get started.  One such example is that your institution will need to be importing a number of Core Data files.  Once those are in place, you can import those records by logging into Beacon, clicking on the Settings tab, and selecting Manage Academic Records under the Tools area. This file must be manually imported into Beacon.

If an Academic Records import is done it will overwrite values that have been assigned by the Instructor within the Faculty Experience.

The import template can also be downloaded from the Manage Academic Records page within Beacon. 

Required information includes:

  • Course section ID - The ID of the section you would like to import a grade or absence for.
  • Student ID - The student you would like to import a grade or absence for.
  • Check-in Grade - The check-in grade you would like to import for the student within the identified section.  Check-in grade options are A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, W, P, X, FX, S, U, Z, I, IP.

Absences can also be imported using this tool but are not required fields.

  • UnexcusedAbsences - The number of times the student had an unexcused absence from class.
  • ExcusedAbsences - The number of times the student had an excused absence from class.

If the absences fields are left blank they will default to be 0.




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