Triggers allow members of a student's Success Network to get a data insight or alert based on various elements of information about a student.

Administrators can follow these steps to set up a Trigger:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Triggers
  3. Select the blue "New Trigger" button
  4. Choose a Data Source.  These sources include:
    • Recommended: Pre-configured Triggers based on common responses that may suggest the need of additional attention.
    • Baseline: Triggers based on responses to questions within Baseline surveys.  Additional steps need to be taken to align users in Baseline with users in Beacon.  Please reach out to your Campus Labs consultant to set up a Baseline trigger.
    • Check-in Grades: Triggers based on check-in grade indicators.
    • Absences: Attendance-based Triggers used to notify students and members of their Success Networks when an individual approaches or exceeds the maximum number of allowed absences for a course section.  The threshold for maximum number of allowed absences can be set by a faculty member in the Faculty Experience, an administrator can set one value for the institution, or an administrator can upload values for each course. Read more about setting thresholds and tracking absences.
    • Assessments: Based on how students answer a question within the SSI or CSA.
    • Custom Questions: These Triggers utilize student responses to key institutional questions that have been added to the SSI or CSA.
  5. Fill out all required information for the Trigger, noted with the asterisk.
  6.  Take Action. Create a Name, choose your Audience, set your Notification Type:
    • Data Insight: Content will appear as an insight on the Success Stream and will be distributed to the student's Success Network
    • Alert: Content will appear as an Alert on the Success Stream. The student's Success Network will be notified that a new alert has been created and they will be expected to take action on this information.
  7. Activate Trigger
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