The following content references functionality that is available to campuses who maintain a license for the "Workflow" module.


Approve or Decline requests

When a student requests time from your general availability you will receive an email at the address on file with options to either approve or deny the request.  In each case you will be brought to a confirmation screen that confirms your selection.  If you approve you will be able to download a .ics file form the confirmation screen that can be used to create a meeting on your preferred calendar system.




Cancel an approved request

If you need to cancel an already approved meeting request you may do so through the Beacon system.  Login to Beacon and navigate to the Students page of the site using the top navigation menu.  On the page navigate to the Meetings tab where you can select an approved meeting request and cancel it.




Notifications to students

Students are notified whenever you approve, deny, or cancel a meeting request via email.


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