What: Accessing Quick Notation From Your Mobile Device

Why: To add an update/alert/encouragement on a mobile device in a timely fashion to a student's record without requiring access to the full Beacon system. This feature helps get observational notation into Beacon from any location, at any time.

Who on your campus can create this: this: By default, only members of a student's success network may create an update, alert, or encouragement for the student using the Quick Update feature. Optionally, the system may be configured so that any member of the campus community may create an update/alert/ encouragement for any other member of the community.

Who at Campus Labs can help with this: Support Team (Contact us through our web form) and your Consultant

When should this be set up: This can be used at any time

Where is this located: institution.campuslabs.com/beacon/quick

How to access the Quick Notation from your mobile device:

1)      Log in to institution.campuslabs.com/beacon/quick on your mobile

2)      You will be brought to the Create Success Notification to create any alerts or updates as needed

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