What: Create Notation Categories (changed from Update/Review Notation Categories)

Why: To tag specific types of categories to be used when creating updates/alerts.  Notation categories are selected when creating an update/alert and you can create a report based on the specific categories used.

Who on your campus can create this: Administrators

Who at Campus Labs can help with this: Support Team (Contact us through our web form)

When should this be set up: This should be done in the beginning of the semester, and can be updated as necessary

Where is this located: Settings > Notation Categories

How to create:

1)      Log into Beacon

2)      Click on Settings

3)      Select Notation Categories

4)      Click the Blue plus sign in the middle of the page

5)      Type the name of the category

6)      Click Save

* You can create new categories at any time using the steps above*

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