There are three types of student success notifications.


Updates allow success network members the ability to create and share a note about a student that may be interesting although not particularly impactful on the student's or institution's desired outcomes.  An example may be a peer mentor's reflection of how a face-to-face meeting went with the student with a list of the topics that they spoke about.


Alerts are the most significant notification because they have a direct effect on how the student is presented to advisor users of the site.  The more Alerts that a student has, the more prominent their profile appears to advisors, elevating them to a higher risk status.  Alerts should be used when the information is directly relevant on the student's outcomes.

Alerts have two states:

Open: open alerts represent information that has been identified about a student but that has not yet had an intervention documented in the system.

Lowered: lowered alerts represent an alert that has been attended to and documented by a member of the campus community


Encouragement notations are a mechanism for members of the success network to provide positive, strategy-focused feedback to students to help them feel recognized and supported in their academic journey.  Rooted in research around Growth Mindset, Encouragement helps students continue to explore their learning styles and techniques.

Encouragement notations have pre-defined types (or categories) that correspond with growth-oriented strategies:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Active Participation
  • Craftsmanship
  • Innovative Approach
  • Mentoring
  • Positivity
  • Quality of Effort
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Other

Encouragement also has a slightly different set of audience rules.  Rather than the series of options that are afforded under the other types of notations, Encouragement is simplified to either be set as private (only the author and the student) or all (the entire success network that is connected to the student), in either case the student will be immediately notified via email when an encouragement is created.


Updates, Alerts, and Encouragements can now be accessed within a Student's Report via the  button. 




Data Insights

Data Insights are like Updates in that they do not necessarily have a specific positive or negative impact on the student's outcomes.  However ,they differ in that they are typically triggered by data that is collected about the student through either Beacon itself, or through various other campus systems.  The key element of a Data Insight is the Data Definition that details the data that was used to generate the notification.  For instance, if a student has responded to a question on a Baseline survey the definition may look like this:

{student first name} responded "{response full text}" to the question "{full question text}".

Ryan responded "Not well, and I'm anxious about my ability to improve" to the question "How do you feel about your academic progress during the fall semester?"

Administrators have the ability to customize the content of a data insight so that each time the data definition is triggered the content will be stored on the student's record accordingly.

Data Insights can be identified as an Alert, if the administrator believes that the data definition is significant enough to elevate the notification to the Alert level.



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